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Blackbeard's Doxy

The development of Lola Blaise

Fire on Dark Water book cover

        Blackbeard – Edward Teach – sailed as a privateer during the French war, later working with Benjamin Hornigold out of New Providence. His flag ship was a frigate re-named Queen Anne’s Revenge (formerly the French slave ship called La Concorde). There were three other ships in his fleet and he finally settled on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

        Although Teach was quite the ladies man, rumors abound of his bad behavior. He was once rejected by a pretty girl in favor of another seaman to whom she gave a ring. When Blackbeard captured this sailor’s ship and recognized the ring, he chopped off the man’s hand and sent it back to the girl in a silver casket. She apparently died of grief. Another tale tells of how he hung one of his women from a branch in the yard of the Hammock House in Beaufort and then later buried her body under the same fatal tree. It is also rumored he abandoned his first wife and child when he left Bristol, and that he marooned a later one on the Isle of Shoals. His fourteenth bride was a sixteen-year-old debutant from Bath Town who was ultimately taken to a remote island, given to his companions to sexually abuse, and was never heard from again. So how had the other women in Blackbeard’s life fared?

        Fire on Dark Water introduces Lola Blaise to provide a fictional answer. The thirteenth Mrs. Teach survives to enact a skilful revenge on behalf of all the other unfortunate wives. And although Lola is an entirely imaginary character, she interacts with real people in historically accurate situations throughout this carefully constructed literary novel.

Sifting for Gold Aarrggh!
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