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Land Ho!

The most surprising discoveries

Fire on Dark Water book cover

During the research process I discovered several interesting facts that surprised me:
  • According to witnesses who gave evidence at their trials, Anne Bonny and Mary Reed fought as viciously as their male counterparts.
  • Bonny and Read were both captured pregnant and had to “plead their bellies” to avoid being hanged.
  • In 1718 Blackbeard successfully blockaded the town of Charleston – the ransom he demanded was not gold, but medicine!
  • Blackbeard was pardoned and protected by Charles Eden, the governor of North Carolina.
  • Pirates tried to capture ships with stealth (rather than firepower) because they did not want to sink the prize before they could remove the booty.
  • Some buccaneers may have been bi-sexual, including Rackham, Bonny and Read.
  • The only captain reputed to make victims “walk the plank” was Major Stede Bonnet.
  • Pirates had a strongly developed code of conduct onboard ship, with strict punishments for any violations.
  • They developed a unique system of democracy, whereby every man had an equal vote in determining important decisions.
  • Sea turtles were the staple diet for Caribbean sailors.

Aarrggh! Treasure Chest
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